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Pauline Chen, Courtier Immobilier


Unique land thanks to its superb location, near Highway 30, halfway between St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and La Prairie. Excellent visibility with an annual average daily flow of nearly 18,500 cars. Access to the 104 by the 2 directions (East and West). The zoning authorizes several types of commercial uses, the variety of uses will allow you to carry out your project!

What makes this lot ideal is...
Its location:
-10 minutes: St-Jean-sur-Richelieu
-20 minutes: Montreal (Champlain Bridge)
-35 minutes: American border
-18500 vehicles per day (Annual Flow Daily Mean)
-Walking distance from the planned location of the 'Helios' project
-5 minutes from the location planned of the 'Domaine des Légendes' project
-Public transport walking distance (2 minutes) (towards St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the REM and Montreal)

Several uses allowed:

C1-03-04: Retail sale of equip. orplumbing, electricity, heating, wind. or air conditioning material
C1-03-16: Retail sale of lighting access. or fixtures.
C7-01-02: Retail sale of used vehicles.
C7-01-07: Rental service. of vehicle. rides, mopeds, motorcycles, snowmobiles or off road vehicles.
C9-01-01: Retail sales, maintenance or repair vending machines
C9-01-04: Retail sales, maintenance or repair of equip. for commercial or industrial use
C9-01-05: Packaging and protection of goods
C9-01-06: Merchandise dispatch service (distr. center) or truck transport
C9-01-07: Distr. advertising by post
C9-01-08: Landscaping/snow removal service
C9-01-09: Environmental cleaning service
C9-02-01: Retail sales, maintenance. or repair mowers, snowblowers or other equipment. similar for maintenance. land
C9-02-04: Retail sale of houses, chalets, mobile homes or prefabricated buildings
C9-02-05: Retail sale of culverts, drainage pipes, septic tanks or other equipment for the design of public utility infrastructures
C9-02-06: Film Production Studio
C9-02-08: Moving service
C9-02-10: Window cleaning service
C9-02-11: Extermination/disinfection service
C9-02-12: Maintenance service. household
C9-02-13: Chimney sweeping service
C9-02-14: Storage service
C9-03-01: Retail sales, maintenance. or repair boats, watercraft or their accessories
C9-03-06: Retail sales, maintenance. or repair motor homes, travel trailers, tent trailers or their access.
C9-03-07: Retail sales, maintenance. or repair of trailers
C9-04-01: Wholesale
C9-05-01: Contractor in constr. or renovation
C9-05-02: repair works of art or civil engineering
C9-05-03: Contractor in building (electricity, plumbing, heating, ventilation, sprinklers, elevators, etc.)
C9-05-04: Demolition service / moving buildings
C9-05-05: Well drilling service
C9-05-06: Excavation or pile installation service

Other: S-4.1.1 - Section V, Article 134. (Loi sur les services de garde éducatifs à l'enfance): Childcare service, daycare center and early childhood centre.
Other: S-4.2 - Partie 1, Article 308: (Loi sur les services de santé et les services sociaux): Intermediate resource

- The buyer remains responsible for verifying with the urban planning department that the lot can be used for his project.
- Water infrastructure is installed.

Inclusions:  Water infrastructure is available on the lot.

Area Map